We Thank You

We the public Thank everyone who protected and helped during and after the #ukriots

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Thank you from the Police to Walthamstow Respite Centre

In a previous post i mentioned Martin Greaves Photos of Walthamstow’s residents Respite Centre that was setup to give thanks to the Police for their time and efforts, with a simple cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Inspector Winter, who has been posting throughout the latest riots and aftermath via his Twitter feed @InspectorWinter has posted a wonderful article on his thoughts and thanks to the residents of Walthamstow.

Read the full blog post here from Inspector Winter

So to all of you, police officers, special constables, police staff, volunteers, partners of police, members of the public, members of the press, every single person who has supported us, I offer you my thanks and want to remind you of this. If you need us, we will come.

I love this country, I love my job… And this is why we do it.Luke and Inspector Tom

also mentioned in the article are these wonderful people who helped make this oasis of calm: @StMarysRespite : @radiokate

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The “broom army”

I am privileged to live in a part of the Country that has not been directly effected but this does not stop me thanking the various communities showing me that all is not lost.  Thank you to the Police for restoring order and BIG thank you to the “broom army”.  

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Thank Turk It’s Saturday!

Thank Turk Its Saturday!

On Monday night as the police were over-run a group of Turkish & Kurdish business owners from Dalston stepped up and chased off the nasty little rioters. They protected their businesses, our streets, our homes and most of all our community. Since then it’s been a quiet week on Dalston Kingsland High St.

This Saturday (13th August 2011) we plan to turn out to support the Turkish and Kurdish owned businesses in and around Dalston. So get up, grab a paper from a corner shop, go to a local cafe, get your hair done at a turkish barber shop, go to one of our lovely Turkish supermarkets to get your shopping in, eat out at a restaurant or grab a takeaway Pide or kebab then have some drinks in a Turkish bar. Come on Dalston this is pay back time!

Invite your neighbours, invite your family invite your friends, people who live in Dalston or just love to hang out here. Everyone’s welcome!

More info on the Thank Turk It’s Saturday page